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Kids today confront an in-your-face world, a world of unprecedented expectations, temptations, challenges, and decisions.


What Others Say

"Your creativity in sharing the message of God's love
is genuinely inspiring. Our children look forward to receiving each issue..."

- Mark Childs
Vice President Childcare
South Texas Children's Home
"One of our kids (Amber) gave her life to the Lord as result of reading The Kids Ark..."

- Valerie Callaway
Public Relations
Texas Pythian Home
"The kids at Buckner find The Kids' Ark publications entertaining and engaging while teaching good values."

- Henry Jackson, Administrator
Buckner Children & Family Services
Dallas, TX

And we as parents find ourselves pushed to become more and more productive (busy, busy, and busier). The option of shielding our kids from outside pressures is eluding our grasp. And so we raise them to the best of our ability (with the Spiritís empowerment), praying that they will be up to the task of letting their own lights shine. Itís a lot to ask, but kids can rise to the challenge, especially when we raise them to be resilient, eager, and caring.


None of us can change our society, but we can work to equip the next generation of Christians for what is bound to be a daunting task. While electronic gadgets and video games may entertain our kids, they miss the mark in an eternally significant way: They donít change them from the inside out, donít call and prepare them for commitment and service.

Thatís where The Kidsí Ark can help. Filled with kid-affirming, kid-transforming features, this full-color, 36-page, interactive quarterly Christian magazine for six- through twelve-year-olds is brimful of Godís truth and love. Each issue addresses a timely topic with interrelated features sure to inspire and motivate.

View Children Testimonials Page

View our Children Testimonials page to see the impact The Kids' Ark has been making on the lives of children.


Kid's Ark    I Am... Ė highlights a different animal from the original Ark each month

  Child or Adult of the Month Ė "Person of the Month" making a difference in their world

  Puzzles and Games Ė Seek & Ye Shall Find, Cully the Covert Mouse, and Life on the Ark

  Dear Noah Ė Real-life questions asked by kids ... answered by a children's pastor

  $100 Contest - Answer the questions and enter to win!

  Topical devotions (three per issue) with questions for reflection

  The Ten Commandments

  The Salvation Plan


Why not invest $20 per year in an appealing tool that will help grow your kids spiritually? While youíre at it,please prayerfully consider a donation to help us distribute copies of The Kidsí Ark to other children in need of a strong biblical foundation on which to base their life choices. Free copies are distributed each quarter to a variety of organizations, including . . .  Lutheran Social Services of the South, YMCA after school programs, South Texas Children's Home, The Pythian Home in Weatherford, Texas, Buckner Foundation in Dallas, Texas, Christian Assistance Ministries in Victoria and San Antonio, Texas, (Ministers to Children of Incarcerated Men and Women), Cal Farley's Youth Ranch Amarillo, Texas and Blue Bonnet Youth Ranch in Yoakum, Texas.

ďWe will not hide them from [our] children; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, his power, and the wonders he has doneĒ (Psalm 78:4).


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