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Children Testimonials


Jibin Jibin
The following testimonials were provided by Jibin and his mother Debora from India

Dear all,
I'm Jibin k. Reji 10 yrs old from India. Thank you for sending 'The Kids Ark' to me. I don't know how to express my happyness when I got this. Thank you.... I read all articles in it, nice puzzle, Dear Noaha and articles about worry. The kids Ark is excellent, superb, fantastic, wonderfull. It was like a dream come true, because I never heard ore see this type of Christian magazine . I'm waiting for the next issue. Thank you for all of them . Kindly remember me.

To .
Jibin The Editors,
The Kids Ark.

I, m Jibin's mother writing. First of all I give thanks to all members back to this magazine. This is a good magazine for chilren to know more about Jesus. I'm also interested in articles like "Why worr,Traveling light, Martha etc. I found it very cool. Frankly writing if it in our language more children will know more about Jesus. If you have any other matierials please send Jibin is very interested in reading. We dedicated our children(Jibin &Jesin) to Christ. Thanks. May God bless you all.


The following testimonials were provided by the Texas Pythian Home:

Amber - Age 7 Amber - Age 7

"My name is Amber. The reson I wanted to be saved is in "The Kids Ark" I saw lots of bible stories. The stories talked about how Jesus died on the cross and on the third day He rose. I talked with Mr. Herb (my dorm dad) and I talked about how Jesus died and rose agin. But I realized I am a sinner. And Jesus loves me and died for my sins. I have prayed and asked him into my heart. I am now a part of His family."

 - Amber

Veronica and Curtis - Ages 12 and 5 Veronica and Curtis

"I like the Kids Ark so much because it tells stories about Jesus and God. I love how they tell us about what the topic means and games."

 - Veronica

"We love the stories"

 - Curtis

Clayton - Age 7 Clayton - Age 7

"I love your puzzles and your contest in the back"

 - Clayton


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