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children thinking We Love the Kids' Ark

Here are some words of thanks from associations and children around the world sent to The Kids' Ark.

Shepherd's Heart Children's Home is located in Rajagiriya, Nawala, Sri Lanka was founded in 2002 by Drs. Woodrow and Melanie Blok. With a vision to reach out to the suffering and destitute, the home was established to rescue children.

Shepherd's Heart Children's Home is the cornerstone of Save Lanka Communities (SLC), a nongovernmental organization (NGO) in Sri Lanka that is a humanitarian aid to provide assistance to many that live in poverty and hopelessness. SLC reached hundreds before December 2004 tsunami and thousands during the tsunami crisis. They continue to provide school bags, school supplies and shoes to hundreds of school children in the North and East where the rebels were at war of over 27 years.

Wood and Melanie Blok founded Oasis Communities International, a nonprofit in Dallas, Texas, for the purpose of reaching out the new generation in the nation of Sri Lanka. Over the past 10 years the simple vision of reaching just a few people has caused a substantial increase and has impacted hundreds of lives of children, individuals, families and communities.


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